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Hundreds of designer eyeglass frames from well-known brands as well as unique independent companies. We have some exclusive lines that can only be found at our office.  

Medical Eye Services

All of our doctors are medically trained to diagnose and manage complex ocular disease as well as general health issues that show up in the eyes.  We routinely find diabetic issues during eye exams that were unknown to our patients.  We can communicate these issues to our patients' primary care providers to help best manage their general health.

Because of the harsh climate of Southern Nevada, we have developed a special interest in managing dry eye symptoms.  We can significantly improve burning, stinging, watering eyes.  

Contact Lenses

We can prescribe almost any soft contact lens as well as many difficult-to fit rigid contact lens and less common types of lenses such as medically necessary scleral lenses.  Our doctors have years of experience prescribing complex contact lenses and know how to ensure success in the difficult climate of southern Nevada.  

Lab Services

We have the ability to cut lenses in-house.  Many eyeglasses can be made the same day as your exam.  

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